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Hi, my name is Kayno and I am the co-founder of Al Hoor. My partner, Nira and I set up this e-commerce business to bring amazing natural cosmetic products from around the world to our customers because we are passionate nature advocates who believe the path to beauty aligns with a deep respect for nature's curative and regenerative powers.


Between us, we have founded multiple successful e-commerce businesses with many years of trading experience and have established partnerships with local farmers throughout the world, from China, south-east Asia, the middle east, Europe and the US. We deal directly with our suppliers, cutting out the middleman, enabling us to ensure only the highest quality ingredients reaches us. All Al Hoor’s suppliers are regulated by the FDA and certified to ensure the Ingredients are natural and safe.


Al Hoor leverages these relationships to provision natural Indigenous ingredients that are carefully formulated to create luxurious, effective products which optimize skin and hair function, creating calming, nourishing and hydrating effects that are free from any chemicals.

Feel free to contact us anytime using the contact form.


Now head on over to our store and treat yourself to some of our highly desirable products.

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