• ✔️ GET BEAUTIFULLY TONED SKIN – Do You Suffer From A Dry Skin Condition Like Eczema Or Skin Inflammation Like Rosacea Or You Wish You Had a Glowing Skin Complexion? Whatever You Desire, We Present You With The Finest Quality Organic Bulgarian Rose Water. Use It As a Facial Toner Or a Gentle Face Cleanser Using The Included Reusable Bamboo Cotton Pad. This Rose Water Is Oozing With Vitmains A & C and Antioxidants, Which Help Repair Sun Damage, Hydrate Drier Complexions, And Treat Acne-Prone Skin
  • ✔️ NATURALLY REMOVE MAKEUP – Gently And Efficiently Remove Makeup Using The Included Reusable Natural Bamboo Cotton Pad - Even Around Sensitive Areas Like The Eyes And Lips
  • ✔️ QUALITY – Bulgarian Rose Water is the most original and exquisite of all floral waters. We take the sourcing of our Rose Water very seriously, ensuring the roses are GMO free and are sourced direct from the growers in the Bulgarian Valley of Roses to ensure the highest quality Rosewater is yielded batch after batch
  • ✔️ ALCOHOL FREE - Al Hoor Organic Rose Floral Water Is Steam Distilled In The UK from Organic Rose Petals and is 100% alcohol free unlike the Rose Water you will find in chemists and high street retailers, which typically is preserved in alcohol. Therefore, Our Rose water is suitable for All Skin Types including Sensitive Skin.



Legend has it that she was a woman of surpassing beauty. We find in the writings of Shakespeare about Cleopatra's affinity towards Rose Water for its healing and beautifying qualities. She would regularly bath her face and body with authentic Rose Water.

If you want gorgeous skin 30 years from now, you need to add a trusted brand of Rose Water to your beauty regime.

We offer you our Organic Rose Water, and the Bulgarian species is the most original and exquisite of all rose waters, which has been used for thousands of years, including in the Middle Ages.



This Rose Floral Water is a beautiful hydrolat that is elegant and soothing to the skin and has an endless list of benefits.

Here are some main benefits of Organic Rose Water


  • Helps to calm your reddened and inflamed skin conditions such as rosacea. The antiseptic and antibacterial properties help wounds heal faster, reduce acne, soothe sunburn and even heal scars faster
  • Nourishes and hydrates your skin
  • Rose water promotes healthy and elastic skin.
  • Maintains the skins’ pH balance
  • Contains strong antidepressant and antianxiety properties, which may relax the mind and help you sleep better
  • Moisturise the body after a shower or bath
  • Spay on hair to hydrate dry and damaged hair
  • Use it as an aftershave
  • Naturally Remove Makeup


Yes, you can use Rose Water as an after shave!

Say goodbye to all the skin burns and rashes that we tend to get after shaving those legs. Because our Organic Rose Water is alcohol free, it is easy on sensitive skin and will calm and soothe the irritation and reduce inflammation. Spritz rose water on the shaved area right after you’re done to see best results. Interesting enough?


Rose water can be used to de-stress

Spray a bit of rose water on your pillow and dose off to sleep. The idea is that you'll relax and wake up feeling totally ready to stop and smell the roses.


Hair Tonic

Spritz a little rose mist onto your hair anytime you want to decrease frizz.


Rose water's pH is closer to the pH of your hair, which means it can reduce the oil and restore the natural shine of your hair.

Many women with curly hair swear by rose water’s ability to calm down frizz and add shine.

Organic Rose Water Face Toner Mist Spray 150ml

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